The World Peaceever Foundation supports and sponsors the United Nations and its partners in providing peace and security, humanitarian and development solutions. Our mission is to make people's lives better as possible through our contacts and efforts, and to achieve peace and sustainable development in all countries. We focus on the implementation and commitment to the values of the United Nations and the efficiency of the private sector. Through our new media agencies, we widely publicize and report on the various issues and public welfare of the United Nations in maintaining world peace, climate action, safeguarding human rights, and protecting the rights of women and children. In terms of career, efforts and great achievements have been made. The World Peaceever Foundation connects charities, caring entrepreneurs, and various social groups, civil society organizations and individuals who are willing and recognized with the values of the United Nations to support the United Nations in its commitment to the cause of world peace. The United Nations is strong, the world is better!
久安世界和平基金会支持和赞助联合国及其伙伴提供和平与安全,人道主义与发展解决方案。 我们的使命是通过我们的联络和努力,尽可能让人们改善生活,各国实现和平与可持续发展。 我们专注于实施和致力于联合国的价值观和私营部门的效率,通过我们的新媒体机构,广泛宣传和报道联合国在维护世界和平、气候行动、保障人权、维护妇女儿童权益等等各项事务和公益事业方面,所做出的努力和取得的伟大成就。 久安世界和平基金会联络世界各国慈善机构、富有爱心的企业家、以及愿意和认同联合国价值观各种社会团体、民间组织和个人,支持赞助联合国致力于世界和平事业。 联合国强大, 世界更美好!


The World Peaceeever Foundation: Its main purpose is to sponsor and support the United Nations to maintain World peace and civil society (NGO) charity.Such as climate action, refugee affairs, humanitarian relief, sustainable development goals, health for the elderly, and more. 久安世界和平基金会:主要宗旨是赞助和支持联合国维护世界和平事业、民间社会(NGO)慈善公益事业。诸如气候行动、难民事务、人道救援、可持续发展目标、老年人健康事业等等。


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The World Peaceever Foundation supports and sponsors the United Nations and its partners


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